Fun with Fungi

Lately, I’ve noticed an abundance of fungi in our yard and woods. Perhaps it is the humid conditions of Ohio in late summer fall but they’ve cropped up all through the yard in the loamy soil and decaying logs of our woods. I’ve become fascinated with the variety and types and like Dr. Egon Spengler … More Fun with Fungi

To Be a Servant

  Last week I had the privilege of seeing an awe-inspiring exhibit of some of China’s terracotta warriors at the Cincinnati Museum of Art.  Nine of the 8000 terracotta figures, along with hundreds of other ancient objects, were on display in a special exhibit.  The story of these amazing works is that some pieces of … More To Be a Servant

La Bella Luna

The beauty of the earth, the beauty of the sky, the order of the stars, the sun, the moon . . . their very loveliness is their confession of God.” St. Augustine The super moon and appearance of Mars last Friday prompted this reflection on moonlight, moon crater scars, and our response to hurts in … More La Bella Luna