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After you have read the information on spiritual companioning, SoulCollage®, or labyrinth, please feel free to contact me with questions. I offer a FREE thirty minute introductory spiritual direction/companioning session. I’d love to hear from you.

Need a retreat or workshop facilitator? Want to experience the creative, fun and soul discovery of SoulCollage®? Desire to learn the ways of the labyrinth and how it can deepen your creativity, meditation or prayer? Want to learn about ways to reduce and manage stress through mindfulness meditation? I am here to provide this and so much more.

Reiki energy work is available by appointment.  Experience soothing relaxation and rejuvenation with 30 minutes of Reiki.  Call or email me to schedule an appointment.

UPDATED 3/15/2022: SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Policies

I am dedicated to creating a sacred space, that is clean and follows CDC & ODH protocols regarding hygiene and cleanliness. When meeting in person, I follow CDC and ODH guidelines and suggest clients do as well. I schedule appointments in a way that clients do not come in contact with one another. My massage/Reiki table, bathroom, client chairs, and work surfaces are cleaned following CDC and ODH guidelines.

Workshops and retreat days are designed for small groups to facilitate trust and openness. When possible, workshops are held in an outdoor carport area to allow for spaciousness.

If you desire to wear a mask, you must provide one. If you are experiencing symptoms or have a fever, please stay home from retreats and workshops and let me know you will not be attending. Your health is your responsibility.

After consulting with legal counsel, I will not inquire about your vaccination status nor will I require “proof” of your status or your current health. You should assess your tolerance for risk and act accordingly.

As an alternative to in-person sessions, workshops, or retreats, I offer sessions for spiritual companioning, SoulCollage® workshops, and more which you can find listed on my site or at World of SoulCollage® https://soulcollage.com/soulcollage/world-of-soulcollage/, spiritual mini-retreats, and other workshops via Zoom.

Distance Reiki energy work is available.

Fill out the form below or call (513) 725-5288. 

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