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Experience SoulCollage® – Discover Your Wisdom – Change Your World – IN PERSON EVENT

Sunday, MARCH 19, 2023 – 1:00P – 5:00P, EST $45

Double C Farm, Okeana, Ohio

SoulCollage® is a fun and easy way to express yourself, care for yourself, and a creative way to discover your inner Wisdom and Spirit. Using intuition, imagination, and an openness to explore, you will create collaged cards that represent the many faceted and unique aspects of who you are. Prior to this workshop, please visit https://community.soulcollage.com/courses/2859564/content for FREE SoulCollage® basics.

As part of this event, you will be introduced to basic SoulCollage® concepts, have ample time to create collaged cards in a quiet, prayerful space. There will be time to “read” your cards to awaken your soul’s expression in a safe and confidential environment. No artistic tendencies required – just an open heart and a willingness to engage.

Fee for this retreat workshop is $45. PLEASE REVIEW REFUND POLICY BELOW. Location address provided upon paid registration.

Christy has been facilitating workshops since 2020 for small gatherings and has directed retreatants on weeklong silent retreats in which SoulCollage® was available and invites those she spiritually companions to share SoulCollage® cards as part of spiritual direction sessions.

All materials provided: You will receive a packet of 12 mat boards, 12 protective sleeves, glue and access to large assortment of images. Limited to TEN participants.

If you are already familiar with SoulCollage®, you are invited to use this time to create cards on your own. An outdoor labyrinth is available for inspiration. Mat cards, sleeves and Heartpockets® for storing cards are available for purchase. We have a GENEROUS assortment of images for your use. 

PLEASE NOTE: I am unable to refund registrations which are cancelled 72 hours or less prior to the workshop. No shows will receive no refunds.

Experience SoulCollage® – Sunday, MARCH 19, 2023 – IN PERSON at Double C Farm

Fee for retreat-workshop 3/19/23, 1P to 5P EST PLEASE NOTE: I am unable to refund registrations which are cancelled 72 hours or less prior to the workshop. No shows will receive no refunds.


Introduction to SoulCollage®, Virtual workshop, Sunday, April 23, 2023 Noon to 6p EST

This workshop covers all the necessary elements to meet the criteria of a SoulCollage® Facilitator Training prerequisite Introductory Course as outlined here:  https://community.soulcollage.com/posts/facilitator-training-what-to-look-for-in-an-introductory-course

New to SoulCollage®? Need a refresher about SoulCollage®? Do you need a required introductory SoulCollage® workshop that includes what you will need to attend Facilitator Training? This is the workshop for you!

SoulCollage® is a creative, intuitive, and inspiring process using images for discovering your deeper self and the Source. Whatever your name for Source is, using images in the SoulCollage® process allows you to access the sacred within YOU, and to discover yourself and your inner Wisdom. By using your imagination and intuition, a few powerful cut-out images, a bit of glue and a 5×8 mat card, you can create reflections of your deepest self.

Through this in-depth workshop, participants will become familiar with the principals of SoulCollage®, the 4 suits, the Local Story and the Large Story, making and using cards and giving them a voice with “I Am (the) One Who . . . “ exercise and other SoulCollage® fundamental concepts such as Source, Witness, SoulEssence, guided visualization to meet the Companions, the One and the Many and MORE!

Prior to the workshop, begin gathering images from magazines, calendars, discarded coffee table books or internet sites like Unsplash that “grab” you. Don’t forget to gather larger images for backgrounds!

FEE: the fee for this 6-hour workshop (including several breaks) is $90. Make payment to PayPal christywesselman14@gmail.com or Venmo @christywesselman PLEASE include your correct email address when registering OR click on the meeting link above to register through my website https://listening-heart.com/events 

Once registered, you will receive an email with a Zoom link and password, a list of “must have” supplies, and a list of optional supplies, along with handouts. Please register at least THREE DAYS in advance in order to timely receive the handouts and Zoom link information.

MINIMUM PARTICIPANTS POLICY: A minimum of 4 participants is required for the workshop to be held. Please register early to ensure you have a spot in the workshop and to ensure you timely receive the information.

REFUND POLICY: I am unable to refund registrations which are cancelled LESS than 72 hours prior to the workshop however, I will be happy to apply the fee to another workshop.

I highly recommend you familiarize yourself with the basics of SoulCollage by accessing the FREE Learning Path in World of SoulCollage®. https://community.soulcollage.com/share/-jRBP21WpI9Vcu8d

Introduction to SoulCollage® Sunday, April 23, 2023, Noon to 6P EST

Please read the description and policies above before registering. By clicking on this link you are registering for the Introduction to SoulCollage® workshop, Sunday, Sprilnoon to 6P EST


Point of Arrival: Labryrinth and SoulCollage® Experience: World Labyrinth Day – Saturday, May 6, 2023, 9:30A – 4P EDT

The spiritual path of the labyrinth is a metaphor for the journey of life and inner spiritual pilgrimage. By walking the path to the center of the labyrinth, we symbolically journey to the inner self and to the Source/Spirit/God. Experiencing the labyrinth by walking or tracing is an ancient soul tending spiritual and prayer practice.

SoulCollage® is a creative, intuitive, inspiring, and fun process using images to discover the deeper self and Source/Spirit/God. SoulCollage® helps access the sacred within through symbolic images and is also sacred soul tending process. 

In this in-person mini-retreat, two powerful soul tending practices for spiritual renewal, connection and self-care come together to create an experience of prayer, creativity, connection, and Inner Wisdom. We join others throughout the world who will walk the labyrinth on this day. After a shared labyrinth walk, we will create SoulCollage® cards and share those cards with each other.

Fee – $90. Participants receive a beginner packet of 12 mat boards, 12 protective sleeves, glue, and access to a large assortment of images. Bring your lunch. (microwave and refrigerator available) Water, tea and coffee available. You need to bring your journal and an open heart and mind.

Refund policy: No refunds will be given for cancellations made LESS than 1 week prior to the retreat. No show no refund.

Point of Arrival: Labyrinth and SoulCollage® Experience

You are registering for an IN PERSON World Labyrinth Day Experience at Double C Farm in Okeana, Ohio on Saturday, May 6, 2023, 9:30A to 4P EDT Please read the description and policies before registering. Please note: We do not have overnight accommodations at the Farm.


Past Workshops and Retreats

Labyrinth experiences for Badin High School students. Block day schedule permitted the time for psychology and French students to experience a labyrinth walk using a 36′ canvas Chartres style labyrinth. January 11-12, 2023. Hamilton, Ohio.

Personally Directed Silent Retreat, spiritual director/companion for retreatants, Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center, Fremont, OH July 15-22, 2022.

SoulCollage® Personally Directed Silent Retreat, spiritual director/companion for retreatants, Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center, Fremont, OH June 10-17, 2022

Women’s Weekend Retreat, co-director, Jesuit Renewal Center, Milford, OH April 22-24, 2022

Harry Potter: Archetypal Hero, Coffee Talk, Oldenburg Franciscan Center, July 31, 2022.

Creation Spirituality, St. Francis of Assisi and the Music of John Denver retreat day for St. Francis Seraph Ministries https://www.sfsministries.org/ staff, September 1, 2021.

Point of Arrival: SoulCollage® and Labyrinth Retreat Day – May 1, 2021; June 4, 2022

Labyrinth . . . Prayer in Motion for Spiritual Directors and Companions – a morning for spiritual directors, Saturday, March 20, 2021

Creating in Sacred Space – Tending to Your Soul Workshop – September 23, 2020, January 20, 2021, February 24, 2021, March 24, 2021, April 20, 2021, June 30, 2021, July 28, 2021, September 22, 2021, October 27, 2021, December 15, 2021, November 20, 2022

Introduction to SoulCollage® Workshop – August 29, 2020, September 12, 2020, October 10, 2020, December 12, 2020, January 9, 2021, February 13, 2021, March 13, 2021, April 17, 2021, June 26, 2021, August 22, 2021, December 19, 2021, January 2, 2022, March 27, 2022, October 30, 2022, November 13, 2022, January 22, 2023

Mirabai Starr – CoffeeTalk, Oldenburg Franciscan Center, July 19, 2020

Catherine de Hueck Doherty – Lenten Series Workshop at Oldenburg Franciscan Center, March 5, 2020

St. Angela of Foligno, Coffee talk, Oldenburg Franciscan Center, May 26, 2019

Communication for Couples “Can You Hear Me Now?  February 9, 2019, St. Clement Catholic Church, Cincinnati, OH. 

What is Spiritual Direction? and Designing a Prayer Space”, Lunch and Learn, January 15, 2019, Oldenburg Franciscan Center

John Denver, St. Francis and Creation Spirituality Saturday mini-retreat, Oldenburg Franciscan Center, June 23, 2018

Praying With Your Smartphone or How to Use Technology to Enhance Your Prayer and Spirituality, Oldenburg Franciscan Center, June 14, 2018.

John Denver, St. Francis and Creation Spirituality Coffee Talk with Sr. Janet Born OSF, October 1, 2017, Oldenburg Franciscan Center.

Mindfulness for Mediators, August 19, 2017, co-sponsored by Partners in Mediation

Mindfulness for Mediators, September 26, 2016, co-sponsored by Partners in Mediation