Expectant Waiting

I suspect most of us consider waiting as a rather passive activity and a state determined by events out of our control. We often find ourselves in situations where we must wait. Standing in line at the grocery. Sitting in our car in traffic. Counting the days until vacation. Waiting for the next event orContinue reading “Expectant Waiting”

Statement on Israel and Gaza

As a woman of deep spirituality, I grieve with those who grieve, seek release of those held captive, and recognize the root causes of violence. I urgently call upon the world to find and use all possible resources to stabilize the Middle East, secure refuge for those in humanitarian crisis, and negotiate peace that willContinue reading “Statement on Israel and Gaza”

An experience of a lifetime . . .

On May 11, I leave to journey to Rome and Assisi on pilgrimage. I’ve done all I can to prepare physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I’m sure I will be surprised by the Spirit in ways I cannot fathom at this time. If you pray – send prayers. If you meditate – send vibes. KnowContinue reading “An experience of a lifetime . . .”

Locked In/Out

I visited South Bass Island in Lake Erie, Ohio this weekend as one of the items on my “When I’m 64 Living Life List”. While some create a “bucket list”, I was inspired by a friend who had created a 50 before 50 list – 50 things she wanted to do or experience before herContinue reading “Locked In/Out”

Transition and Liminal Space

It seems Nature is oblivious to the chaos and fear surrounding COVID19 and the violence of the past weeks. I’m envious. I envy Nature’s ability to be above it all and to carry on with the business of being what they are. Songbirds sing without a care. Squirrels scamper and chase one another around theContinue reading “Transition and Liminal Space”